Meet “The Morgans”.


Me (left) Lauren (The little sliver of a face!) and Mark.

Mark and I were married December 16th. He got here December 7th. We’ve accomplished one life goal, and that’s to finally be together. After 10 years of long distance relationship and traveling (More his side than mine), he’s here. Now, our next steps.

We have to adjust his status and change my name over. That’s the two big next steps. After enjoying our marriage, which we have. It’s nice to have that level of anxiety over with, because he helps me be calm.

I am so damned happy, it’s not even funny. He’s settled here next to me, watching me type (in between pretending he’s not. He thinks he’s sneaky.) But it’s a nice change. Slowly working our way forward on a long path. But damned if he’s not worth it.

~The happiest Yank

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I went to my 10 year reunion-and survived.

Okay, that title wasn’t nice. But it was true. I was utterly terrified to go to my reunion. So much so that I took a shot before I left- and met my classmates at a bar. Don’t worry- I had drinks with water in between- I’m not a complete dingy. I learned from Bossanovas. (Ask my friends about that. All I remember is getting carried out.)

I was scared to go though. And I’m sure I’m not the first person to ever be scared to go to a reunion. But I was scared because high school was hell. I wasn’t ever the ‘pretty’ one and I definitely wasn’t the smartest in our class either. I never was popular, though I had friends in all the social circles in our school. I didn’t mind the not being popular, but I hated the bullying. My senior classmates, when we were doing superlatives, were going to jokingly vote me for ‘best smile’. Nevermind I had braces then and my teeth, with their weakened enamel and crookedness were anything but the ‘best’.

I’ll admit I spent more than a few nights crying to my mom and friends how I wasn’t sure how the hell I was going to make it to graduation. I didn’t understand it. So- having to revisit some of those people, terrified me.

I will admit, I was proven wrong.  Bullies do grow up and move on. A few people hadn’t grown up, but I didn’t bother to try and associate with them. Instead, I said hello and hugged every person I was happy to see- and even accepted a hug from the one guy who made me cry a lot of nights. It was weird but resolving. At least, I don’t feel worried anymore.

I did send Mark texts throughout the night and let him know what was going on. I said it was nice and I got to have a bit of a laugh with a nice friend who still has his sense of humor. I got to see the beautiful girls I was friends with then even more beautiful and enjoying life. It was a nice change. i wouldn’t mind going to the next reunion either- especially if it means more drinks, giggles and hugs. Moving on and getting to see how everyone has changed is kind of fun.

So onto something else- Mark’s visa. We’re waiting for his embassy interview. Then I’ll get to have my other half here and our titles will change again. We’ll go from being fiance/fiancee to husband and wife. I can’t wait.

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Holy crap!

So, the 21st, when I posted we had no information? It appears the USCIS were sending me this out:


Yes that beautiful text and the background paper means that’s an official letter from USCIS. Mark is approved!

Oh we can’t stop smiling. Now the next step: In his case a US embassy visit, and in mine. Cleaning and finishing this last test tomorrow. But oh my god. The government is letting him come. We get to be together. Halle-freaking-lujah.

I’m.. Still excited. My day went from “Eh” to “OmG!” in the 3 seconds it took me to open that letter.

Thank you to Lauren, Barb, Alli, Tay, Sammi & Travonta, who let me blow their phones up with “OH MY GOD!” moments LOL


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Catching up

I’m just gonna bullet list stuff. It’s faster and I don’t feel like going into detail. As of today, 8/21/2016:

  • My school fee is paid off. I’m still at a zero. School managed to still fuck up my FA, but we’ll see if they sort that shit out soon.
  • I’m in week 7 of classes. A quiz tomorrow and I’m done again til Sat which will start my week 8 (Final week) of class.
  • There has been no update on Kiwi’s visa. IF there’s any news, trust me, I’ll be screaming it on FB. The minute we know anything, we’ll tell you. The blog is sort of a timeline of all we’ve done too.
  • We’re still planning on how to best handle/celebrate him getting here. Obviously it’d be easier with a date and money saved up, but we’ll do whatever we can.
  • Yes, obviously still together.

Okay, I know the last one is snarky but I got asked if since I wasn’t updating the blog or Kiwi hardly posts if we’re still together. Since when in the blue hell does a blog or anything mean you’re with someone? If I ever break up Kiwi, it will most assuredly be noted, and both of us will tell everyone so we’re not constantly asked if we’re together- because who would want to be linked to their ex. But yes, we’re still together. After 10 plus years, we’ve mastered how best to deal with most of life’s problems, from pushy people, controlling people, life stress and every bit of bullshit life throws everyone. We’ve got this!

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Every time Mark and I think we’re getting ahead, we’re not. We’re still waiting on information on his visa (don’t worry, didn’t expect much in a month) and my graduation was coming up.

I say was, because I went from a zereod out balance with my account, to owing an $840 fee that if I don’t pay, I can’t graduate. To say I’m upset would be an understatement, especially after being told once that my account was “okay”.

Job hunting, for either of us seems to be never ending, though Mark won’t have to start looking again for a few more months, I’ve been looking while in school and- if I get told I’m overqualified one more time, I may ask why that exempts me from a job. Overqualified means I’ll take less training and can still do the job. In nearly every other use of the word, overqualified would be good. Why is it a deal breaker in job hunting?

Slowly reaching the bug it all point. I’m trying to trust that every little bit of good we’ve hoped for, helped with and celebrated, means that one day what we put out we get back. But right now, it’s frustrating and I think I feel more like I’m slamming into a brick wall, repeatedly.


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Recieved! 2016-07-01 08-42-54

The above is a screenshot from that I took. I forgot to update the blog and that made me feel bad. So- as you can see, the US Gov is now in charge of my relationship. That both terrifies me and makes me happy- because it means we’re one step closer to being together.

Today, July 1st, is 12 days away from 1 month of turning them in. According to USCIS website info, I should have some sort of information within 5 months. I’m desperately hoping it’s good information and not the dragged out sort, or worse, being told we’re rejected. I’m pretty sure if that happens, I’m going to need someone to rent me a bouncy room, I’ll lose my damned mind.

Mark and I are still working on plans that we can tentatively make-what we want in a wedding, who we want. Those we can do without set plans, because we obviously don’t have a date nor the money put aside for ceremony. Any funds he has, he’ll probably end up exhausting when he moves over here.

I want him here so badly it hurts, and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. I’m sure I’m driving/have driven friends nuts, but it’s hard having an other half so far away that when there’s a date night or someone talks about their dates, you can’t say “Oh that sounds fun, Mark and I did a date too and it was …”. I have nothing to offer. My dates are nights online watching Anime or a comedian. They’re unique dates, that’s for sure, but not the ones we want. Mark and I want to go walking together, go out to movies and to game nights- and right now, that’s simply not possible.

I can’t wait. After 10 years of being together and getting 2 dates that were just us- I can’t wait to have more when he’s here. I can’t wait to hug my love, be able to reach and hold his hand and not feel like I’m missing half of me.

Does anyone have questions on the process? If you ask, I’ll tell you as I go along. If I can’t answer it, maybe Kiwi can.


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Why I am so thrilled? Well, Kiwi and I turned the visa papers in. Now, of course, we’re on the second wave of waiting, but ya know what? The worst is over. Getting the funds together, getting all of the papers together. I am HAPPY. thrilled. Happy dances all around.

There is no given waiting period, and I till haven’t gotten my letter that says “hey we got your papers” but that’s.. alright. I’m okay with it if it means eventually, I’ll have him. I’ll have Mark here. Soon we’ll be married and happy and I can’t wait.

So close!


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